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Whether it is about designing a new residential or commercial space or even undertaking a major renovation project, Splendid Construction aims to bring your dreams to come true. Our team has been transforming construction sites into beautiful exterior and interior designs for years.

Splendid Construction understands the need for transparency, which is why our construction and renovation is a pleasant and most incredible experience for our clients throughout the states. From rich experience to clear communication on budget and designing, we offer you solutions and services that make a statement and call for uniqueness.

We are one of the leading construction companies in Atlanta, GA, known for easy accessibility and timely development of projects. Our workforce has a greater level of productivity and is easily accessible to everyone engaged in the process, from the client to stakeholder, and provides expertise at all stages of the project, from beginning to completion.

Building for Timelessness

We believe the designs should speak of their essence, yet aim for timelessness. Splendid Construction is your home to complete solutions for residential and commercial, construction, remodeling, and renovation needs since 2016. The professional builders in Splendid Constructions bring creative designs solutions to reach the final product, ensuring that our team exceeds customer expectations. We achieve this by bringing together an established team of constructors, builders, and craftsmen under one roof to work on your project.

We are ready to bring your dreams into reality! Are you?

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Yearn for the Best Outcomes

With years of time-honored workmanship, dedication, and high-end remodeling and restoration Splendid Construction is all you need when it comes to construction and remodeling companies in Atlanta, Georgia.

We are your go-to contractor for any size construction, remodeling, or improvement jobs in Georgia. You can anticipate handcrafted design, years of experience, and committed assistance throughout the whole remodeling process since we specialize in home renovations, home building, remodeling, house expansions, and full-service contracting.

Services to Match your Lifestyle


Throughout the years, the way we live and work has developed exponentially, and so has been the way to build them. Splendid Construction puts your ideas into motion, making sure to bring out results that are known for the design and craft it creates. Our goal is to develop sites that are not only known for the best exteriors in the town but also have ample space to craft a beautiful interior that attracts people in one look.


Our habits evolve over time, so why shouldn’t the way we live. Living in the same place with new designs or working in the same place with productive exterior and interior can be accomplished with Splendid Construction. Your requirements must be translated and balanced in relation to the residential and commercial architectural style, all while staying within your budget. Our team is uniquely qualified to take on this task and deliver the best possible result.

Smaller Construction Projects

Smaller projects can have all of the elements and problems of bigger ones, but with lower budgets, shorter timeframes, and smaller areas. This necessitates a close-knit design and manufacturing team, which Splendid Construction is well-equipped to provide.

Custom Projects

Years of experience in construction, renovation, and remodeling have given our team a unique perspective on how to bring our customers’ visions to reality. Our houses survive the test of time, and Splendid Construction, managed by constructors who love innovative design, constantly provides value and durability.

Drywall Contractors

We are one of Georgia’s most reputable drywall contractors because we give exceptional service and craftsmanship. Even the most difficult, detailed, and delicate projects are no match for us. Our management team has over three decades of expertise in the business and has a broad understanding of a wide range of materials and finishes. We can install a wide range of goods to meet the needs of any project.

Exterior Painting

Use our expert, inexpensive, and dependable services to rapidly transform the outside of your somber house or company. There are no two occupations that are alike. Each work is customized to meet your exact requirements, and we are priced to match your budget. Whether you need a simple touch-up or the whole outside of your house or business painted, we’ve got you covered

Interior Painting

Splendid Development’s superior interior painting services will revitalize the interior of your home or business. With our tailored services, we guarantee your contentment. After working with us, you can rest comfortably. It not only has a cleaner appearance, but it is also less expensive.

Residential and Commercial Flooring

Residential flooring may completely transform the aesthetic of your house. We can build you anything you need to bring your idea to life, from easy-to-clean laminate flooring to stunning, natural wood floors. We install many types of business flooring, from hardwood to carpet. Beautiful, easy-to-maintain flooring is ideal for any organization, whether it’s in an office or a retail location.

Interior Trim

Your selection of trim will truly transform your property from ordinary to extraordinary. If you’re planning to build a house, you could have a certain design in mind. If you’re rebuilding an older home, you’re probably aware of how difficult it may be to match the original trim. Customized trim to suit your design can also be added to your project.

A Partnership for Lifetime

The way we work and live should develop and change in tandem with our lives. Splendid Constructions is here to help you with the changing demands.

Many of our clients have formed long-term relationships with us, and we are grateful for that. They understand that we will be there for them throughout the life of their house, not just at the completion of a project – whether it’s a complete rebuild, an attic conversion, or room extensions.

We are there for you every step of the way with services geared to keep your projects in good shape.

Our connection is for life!

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Splendid Development has been doing work for us for almost 2 years. Very professional work. High quality.polite crews .always replay fast and most important will always come back for any waranty job no matter how minor it is.I would definitely recommend this company.

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The success of our construction firm can be measured through our portfolio and clients’ happy faces. We are known as the renowned construction company in Atlanta, GA. We have successfully planned and constructed hundreds of projects throughout Georgia, and this is the reason we are known as the leaders of construction and remodeling in Atlanta.

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